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    Meet our breathtaking love affair with Porto

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  • porto-le-figaro

    “Porto fait sa movida”

    Now it was Le Figaro that surrended to the charms of this city that has the “Douro as poetic soul”… to paraphrase our Manoel de Oliveira. They praise the monuments and Manueline, Baroque and Neoclassical churches and of course the Torre dos Clérigos, the river and the bridge Luis I. They speak of our heritage, …

  • cafe-brasileira

    43 Branco

    So here goes more good news! As incredible as it may seem, we weren’t yet at the beautiful Rua das Flores … Well, now we are!!! Come and visit us at 43 Branco. It is a concept store in a beautiful space, almost raw as we like them, so that the pieces that live there …

  • ponte-d.luis

    Ponte (Dom) Luis I

    It is commonly said in Porto that Luis I bridge is not called Dom Luis I by the fact that the city’s inhabitants have considered disrespectful the king’s absence at its opening in 1886. This does not seem to correspond to reality. To prove this fact, it is noted that in the newspapers news during …

  • casa-branca

    Casa Branca

    Gasp in amazement !!! We’re at the White House!!!!! No, not that one…not yet…!!!! And when we get there, we’ll hide our speeches… We are now at Casa Branca – Chá & Cultura!!! Come here to taste the wonderful cakes that Rute and Miguel have here, and teas, and wines and lemonade !!! But above …

  • cafe-brasileira

    The best coffee is Brasileira’s

    The coffee “A Brasileira” (the brasilian) was one of the most iconic city cafes located at Rua Sá da Bandeira, right at the centre of downtown Porto. The establishment was founded by Adriano Soares Teles do Vale, born in Alvarenga (Arouca), which, still young, emigrated to Brazil. In Brazil, he devoted himself to the coffee …

  • cascata-s.joao

    São João do Porto

    “Even the Moors of the Moorish celebrate St. John.” It is not known with accuracy when it began the feast of St. John of Porto. It is known by the XIV century records of Fernão Lopes, that by that time have moved to Porto to prepare the visit of the King, and having arrived in …

  • what-not

    What Not

    Hello! Today we have more exciting news! Now we are at What Not here at the bottom of Rua do Bonjardim very close to the City Hall. The store is very beautiful, it’s in popular saints mode, and Joana is so sweet, she has a contagious energy!!! Come to meet the store, Joana and make …

  • Take Away Porto

    It is worth to take a look at Take Away Porto. This concept store is an absolute amaze, especially for lovers of author’s design. Spices and herbs in colourful test tubes fill our eyes … There are fruit and milk soaps, textiles with cross stitch, herbal and organic fruit teas, preserves and dried fruit with …

  • torre-dos-clerigos-porto

    Torre dos Clérigos

    Scene of many stories, Torre dos Clérigos (Clerics Tower) has always related with Porto and the daily life of its inhabitants… In fact, the author left undeniable mark not only this monument as throughout the city, where he developed much of his work . Maybe this was why Nicolau Nasoni has been buried in this …

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